Jai Masih Ki – What does it mean?

When trying to decide what to name my blog I wanted to come up with something that was original, but also something that had a special meaning.  Jai Masih Ki is a Hindi phrase that roughly translates to mean God’s Grace.  Indian Christians use it as a greeting instead of other normal greetings.  It is my hope that everyone who visits my page will understand what the Grace of God is.

Having said that I can not promise how often or what I will right about.  This is going to be a place where I can write about what is going on in my life and what the Lord is showing me.

May God Bless you all!



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4 responses to “Jai Masih Ki – What does it mean?

  1. Looking forward to your posts! I was trying to figure out what the name meant yesterday. I like it.

  2. SS

    Nice blog, FYI – “Jai Masih Ki” is not an “Hindu phrase” at all. Its a Hindi Phrase (Hindu- religion vs. Hindi- language). And it doesn’t mean Grace of God either; Masih is the name for Christ in the languages of the Indian subcontinent (Urdu, Hindi, etc) it stems from the word “Maseeha” or saviour/prophet. The phrase literally means “Hail Christ” or “Greatness of Christ” and is used by Christians in India & Nepal as an alternative to the Hindu greeting of “Namaste”.

  3. SS,
    Thanks for your response. I realize that the language is Hindi and not Hindu, it was just a typo that I did not catch. Also, I said that it meant ‘Grace of God’ because I spent 7 weeks in India two summers ago and that is what we were told that it roughly translated to that or Glory of God.

  4. Philip hans

    The actul means of jai masih ki is not Grace of God it means glory to God or praise the Christ (masiash) it not only spoken in hindi it also use in Punjabi too.9-*

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