Life is Never Dull

So last night I learned a few good life lessons:

1.  I should always check to see whether a door is locked or unlocked when I go outside.

2.  On the off-chance that I forget to check the door I should always carry my phone with me.

My roommate is house-sitting for a couple of days and last night I was going to spend the night there with her and a couple other girls.  As I was getting ready for bed I realized I had left my Kindle in my car so I went out to get it.  When I tried to get back in the house I realized that the door was locked and I did not have any way to get in contact with the girls inside.  I ended up knocking on different doors and windows and all I was able to accomplish was that I scared all of the girls who were still awake. Eventually they figured out that I was locked out, but not before I gave up trying to get their attention and ended up driving home.

Needless to say that after everything settled down and they realized that there wasn’t someone trying to break in there have been many laughs about the whole situation…and there are probably more laughs to come.  At least my life is never dull.  🙂

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