Letter to my future self

Dear Abigail,


You are 40 years old now.  Are you finally starting to look your age?  Do people still tell you that you look years younger than you actually are?  I’m sure you enjoy it now more than you did in college.

I can’t imagine what your life is like now.  I hope that where ever you are you are still living every day to bring Glory to God.  I hope that you haven’t settled for an “average” life and that you are still seen as “wise beyond your years” because you are striving to become a Godly woman.   Where ever you are I hope that you are still trying to make God’s name known everyday.

What is your family like? I hope you have a Godly husband who is able to lead your family.  I hope that you still have fun with each other and that you make time to spend alone with each other.  How many kids do you have?  I’m not sure how many kids I wanted growing up, but I know I wanted a big family.  Have you adopted yet?  If not, pray about if it is something that God wants you to do.  

How are your parents?  Brothers and sisters?  I’m sure you are all spread out across the country now. How many of your siblings are married now?  I’m sure you have many nieces and nephews now that you get to spoil when you see them.

How is your job?  Whether you are a stay at home mom or still a teacher I’m sure your life is full of kids.  If you’re a teacher I hope you haven’t burnt out and that you still do all you can to make sure that every student is successful.  Do you love your students as much now as you did your first year teaching?  Even if you aren’t teaching I am sure that you are still working with kids in someway.  Do your best to show the kids around you the love of God and help them realize that God loves them more than any person ever could.

Right now you have just finished your student teaching and you will be graduating from college in about 6 weeks.  In January you will either be substitute teaching or looking for a teaching job.  Right now you love your job and can’t wait to meet your first class of students.  You can’t wait to see which students God places in your class 

Today is your 24th birthday.  Right now you live with three Godly young women and they are a great blessing in your life.  You also have many great friends. I’m sure you are all spread out all over the country, but hopefully you still keep in contact with some of them.  Some of your friends have been with you through many rough times in your life.You are a member of a great church right now and you are surrounded by many older Godly women.  Where are you now? Do you still try to take advantage of the Godly people who surround you?  I hope you are now reaching out to the women/girls who are younger than you and discipling them like older women have discipled you.

(I stole this from Jessica Hardy and would encourage you all to steal it from me. I would love to see what you would say to your future self.)

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